Monday, November 27, 2006

A Mime of Early Warning Information.

Intuition is the grown up, fancy name for feelings in our body and heart. Our intuition is what starts our Early Warning Signs: physical sensations in our body that tell us that not all is okay. To protect ourselves from getting hurt, it is important that we listen to our early warning signs and remove ourselves from risky situations when they arise.

There are over 2000 feelings words in our vocabulary but typically, any of us will only use six words to describe our feelings. To give kids the best possible chance or recognizing and responding to sexually exploitive situations it is very important to teach them about feelings.

Here is a really easy activity to play with your children to help them develop new feeling words to attach to their body feelings – their early warning signs.

Mime: When the opportunity arises and the kids are bored with nothing to do, play a miming game. Silently act out a particular body reaction to any emotion and ask the children to guess what you are feeling. Offer a prize for correct answers. Gingerbread people make great food prizes because you can then naturally mention body ownership.

Remember though that food is a child’s right and food rewards do not replace good care and nutrition. A food reward needs to be something special: A real treat, not something that your child has a basic right to on a daily basis.

For more free game and activity ideas to do with Intuition and Early Warning signs have a look at BITSS of Intuition.

Let me know about how your Mime of Early Warning information went.

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